Education Seminar 2017



Alene Urda, CLS/ Ford Motor Company/ Dearborn, MI

Ultra high cycle fatigue                                     

Dr. Jason Carroll/ Eaton Corporation/ Southfield, MI


Charging ahead with new lubricants for hybrid and electric vehicles   

Kevin Streck/ Lubrizol/ Wickliffe, OH


Trends in ATF’s and other driveline fluids       

Mike Glasgow/ Afton Chemical/ Richmond, VA


Automotive applications of liquid nitriding treatments and DLC coatings         

Dr. Rajiv Ahuja/ Springfield, OH

Lubricants Used in Hydraulic  applications and Maintenance Practices

Thelma Marougy/ Thelma Consulting LLC


Bearing Basics                                                  

Scott Morehead/ NSK Corp.



 October 4, 2017


Ford Research & Innovation Center