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The Detroit Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Welcome to STLE Detroit

The Detroit Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers


Welcome to STLE Detroit! 

Chairman’s Greeting

Greetings, STLE Detroit Section!

Welcome to the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers – Detroit Section.

Tribology is an old subject yet a new science and engineering. Our ancestors started to use wheels to overcome friction thousands of years ago.  However, the term “tribology” appeared quite recently (1966), and gradually turned into an independent and highly interdisciplinary discipline with many important and inspiring subtopics. Since then, tribologists have made and continuing making huge contributions to human social progresses.

Today, the world is changing rapidly with emerging technology and social evolution as never before. It gives not only new challenges but also new opportunities to all of us. I believe we are all very excited to be part of the community to make our world a more efficient, quiet, and durable place.

In Detroit, the motor city of America, we are at the front edge of automotive industry toward a Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric future. Tribology plays one of the most important roles to make all these happen and its future is built on vision and effect from all of us.

As the board of STLE Detroit section, we are here to help our members to build strong connections, share knowledge we have, and broaden our horizons, especially during the pandemic and post-pandemic period.  We will work our best to help all of us to stay connected and tuned in and out of our society.

As a member of STLE Detroit, please allow me to ask you to be an ambassador of tribology and STLE Detroit to those around us when there is an opportunity. We may bring in new members to our society and even grow new tribologists.

I look forward to serving you this year as Chairperson of the Detroit Section of STLE. The 2021-22 Section Board will continue working as a team on electronic programs to bring you the tribological science and engineering. Please join us! I thank the outgoing board, especially Katherine Helmetag, Don Cohen, Bulent Chavdar, for their contribution and the strong foundation they have built for STLE Detroit section.

Respectfully yours,

Zhe Li

Let’s connect in tribology, build the knowledge, and share the knowledge!

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