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The Detroit Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Welcome to STLE Detroit

The Detroit Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers


Welcome to STLE Detroit! 

Chairman’s Greeting

Greetings, Detroit Section!

We are in a new world today, one that the futurists of the previous centuries did not exactly predict. They did well on other predictions, like the telecommunications technologies we are all becoming skilled with this year, and with the level of information availability we now enjoy. Still waiting on flying cars, though.

STLE Detroit plays a critical role in ensuring that the future continues to grow.

Tribology is a young science. We only got our name in 1966! What that means is that we are unique in the materials world – old enough to have the basics down, young enough to be still uncovering the mechana of physics and chemistry that define our scientific and engineering pursuits. Every one of us has the chance to grow the field and the define the future.

Here in Detroit, we are at the forefront of many new engineering challenges that are only rivalled by the challenges of the Space Race. Today’s Road Race to alternative fuels, novel form factors, and a potentially driverless future is the entire reimagination of transportation. Friction management is finally becoming a primary goal, instead of a troublesome and esoteric system bug that gets shuffled off to some corner of the lab. It is our time to shine!

Our role as tribologists and lubrication engineers, our work as engineers and scientists, is to translate friction, wear, and lubrication to our colleagues and friends who see a simple black box. I ask you to take time to explain some of the details to those around you when the conversation offers the opportunity. Share the knowledge and use our unique language to do so. Perhaps, inspire a future tribologist.

I look forward to serving you this year as Chairperson of the Detroit Section of STLE. The 2020 Section Board is working as a team on an electronic program to bring tribological and lubrication science to your desktop, regardless of where it is. Please join us! I thank the outgoing board, especially Bulent Chavdar, Ed Becker, and Alene Urda, for the strong foundation they have given me to build on.

Respectfully yours,

Katherine Helmetag

ps – make some noise about tribology!